Associate Annual Membership Costs: Family and Single Associate membership runs from October 1 to September 30th:

Family Associate – Married couple and children under 18 can play – 2 Reservations and 2 keys = $1250.00 (+ one time $50 key deposit)

Single Associate - One person, 1 Reservation and 1 Key = $ 950.00 (+ one time $25 key deposit)

Seasonal Annual Associate Membership Costs: Family and Single Seasonal Associate membership runs from April 15 to September 30:

Family Seasonal Associate = $ 600.00

Single Seasonal Associate = $ 450.00

Stockholder Annual Costs:

$550 and all children can play – 2 Reservations and 2 Keys (there is a one time $50 key deposit required)

If you want to be considered to buy a share, you can have your name put on the list by sending the attached application for stock purchase to and you will be notified when a share becomes available for sale.

Rules Of Membership


Associate Membership Application

Stockholder Application

Waiting List Application