Rules Of Membership


Crossed tennis rackets and ball


REVISED March 7, 2016

The Tennis Coop, 26 Garrison Lane, Madbury, NH 03823

Phone (Club House)

Website for Reservations:



Revised effective 03/07/2016

ANNUAL DUES – all due Oct. 1st except Seasonal Associate

Stockholder $ 550

Associate Family $ 1,250

Associate Single $ 950

Inactive (per share)(no refund) $ 150

Seasonal Associate (4/15-9/30) Half Associate Dues

GUEST FEES (per guest)

Singles $ 15

Doubles $ 10

Junior guest (18 or under of age) 50% reduction


Key Deposit* – per key (2 max) $ 25*

*refundable upon return

Replacement Key (non-refundable) $ 25

Membership Waiting List (see rules) $ 100


Playing while dues in arrears (each play) $ 25

Failure to register guests in Logbook $ 25 + guest fee

Failure to pay guest fee $ 10 + guest fee

Guest playing more than 2 times/ month $ 10+ guest fee

No show or not cancelled within 12 hrs $ 10

Failure to log in $ 10

Failure to turn off lights or TV $ 10

Stock certificate issue & re-issue $ 100

Loss of TV or ball machine remotes $ 10+ remote(s) replacement cost

Members are responsible for reading and upholding all by-laws and rules of the Coop.


(Revised March 7, 2016)

1. TENNIS YEAR: The tennis year shall run from October 1 to September 30.

2. COURT USE: The courts shall be open to all members of the club in good standing and their guests.

3. MEMBERSHIP: The following are the established categories of membership:

a) Stockholders – Stockholders and their children have the right to full use of the Club upon full payment of dues. Children of stockholders (but not their spouses or children) may continue to use the Club in their adult years. Stockholders have the right to attend corporation meetings and to vote at those meetings.

b) Associate Family Members – AFMs and their children under 18 years of age have the right to full use of the Club (children’s privileges are terminated at age 18 or upon high school graduation). AFMs may not attend corporation meetings for vote.

c) Associate Single Members – ASMs have full use of the Club, but use is limited to the single member only (children and spouses are not included). ASMs may not attend corporation meetings for vote.

4. WAITING LIST: New members of both associate and shareholder status will be taken from a waiting list determined by date of application, with no preference given to type of membership desired.

a) There is a charge of $100 to have a name placed on the waiting list. This $100 will be credited to the dues when a membership is accepted.

b) If a person on the membership waiting list refuses the offer of Membership, that person shall give up waiting-list status for one year; the $100 waiting list fee shall also be forfeited.


a) Dues and fees of the Club shall be per the fee schedule.

b) Dues shall be due on or before October 1st of each year.

c) Inactive Status is available to stockholders by request, or to associate members by petition to the Board for extraordinary reasons. It must be declared in writing by Oct. 1st.

d) The inactive fee must be paid at time of request or petition.

e) Inactive members may play as guests of Coop members, following all guest rules.

f) Inactive stockholders who wish to become active during the year must pay prorated per month dues. Paid inactive dues will not be refunded.

g) If a member joins after October 1st, dues will be prorated by month.

h) Associate members who change their status to shareholder during the year will receive a prorated refund on their paid associate dues.

i) No privileges are allowed until dues, assessments and fines are paid. Members who play tennis while their accounts are in arrears will be assessed a fee for each time they play.


a) Reservations can be made via a 24-hour-a-day online signup at and via automated telephone service at 877-341-9706.

b) Members making reservations shall have the exclusive right to use the court for the period of time reserved, subject to the following rules:

i. The same membership may reserve only one play period per day;

ii. Stockholders may have two reservations pending at a time;

iii. Family associates may have two reservations pending at a time;

iv. Single associates may have one reservation pending at a time.

c) LOG BOOK: The log book must be signed prior to play with the first initial and last name of each player as well as the membership number of the reserving player. This is to be done for walk-ons as well. All guests must sign in prior to play.

d) Courts may be reserved up to five (5) days or 120 hours, beginning at the time period one wishes to reserve and no earlier.

e) A reservation always takes priority over a walk-on, unless the reserving member arrives 30 minutes late.

f) After 30 minutes the reservation is forfeited.

g) The member whose number is being used must play at the time of reservation.

h) When there are extenuating circumstances, please annotate in the log book.

i) FAILURE TO KEEP A RESERVATION: If a member, after making a reservation, fails to keep that reservation, a fee will be assessed unless:

i. The member cancels a reservation at least 12 hours prior to time reserved (September-May). During the months of June, July and August, courts may be cancelled up to one hour prior to play.

ii. The member arranges for some other eligible member to play during the reserved period and this change is noted in the Log book in the member number space.

iii. If unable to cancel within the required time due to an emergency or illness, please notify the Board.

j) A member giving a lesson, no matter how short, must count that time as a play period.

k) A member planning to use a court with the ball machine must use Code 999 for player number 2 to reserve the court and ball machine.

l) If an error is made and more than two groups arrive to play at the same time, the reservation system is to be used to determine who has the court.

m) A league team, if approved by the Board, may have time blocked off for match play. No league team members may book time immediately before or after their blocked-out time. League teams must reserve lesson times like all members.

7. PERIODS OF PLAY: All play period shall be ninety (90) minutes: 6-7:30, 7:30-9, 9-10:30, 10:30-12, 12-1:30, 1:30-3, 3-4:30, 4:30-6, 6-7:30 etc.

8. GUESTS: A guest is defined as any non-member entering the club with a Coop member host. Invited guests may use all facilities of the Club. The member host is responsible for ensuring the following rules are followed:

a) Invited guests and their children are the responsibility of the member who invited them to the Club.

b) A playing guest’s name must always be placed in the guest column of the logbook. This must be done prior to play or a fee will be assessed.

c) A member may bring to the Club as many guests as he/she wishes in a given month.

d) A non-member may play at the Club no more than twice a month regardless of who brings the non-member as a guest. It is the member’s responsibility to make sure that the guest is eligible to play.

e) Members wishing to bring in a teaching pro from outside the Club for lessons may do so provided:

i. The instructor is a bona fide teaching pro;

ii. They receive permission from the Board;

iii. The guest fees are paid for each lesson.

f) Visiting league teams are exempt from guest fees for scheduled matches.

g) The guest fee envelope must be completed prior to play.

h) Guests may continue to play if a court is free at the end of a legal reservation as long as play is continuous with the exact same players.

i) If a guest continues to play on a new reservation, a second fee must be paid.

j) Guests may not come into the Club without the host Coop member present.

9. FEES: Failure to comply with any rules will result in a minimum fee as authorized by the Board.

a) A member who fails to sign in a guest prior to play will be assessed a fee and his/her playing privileges may be suspended.

b) All appeals must be made in writing and will be reviewed by the Board of Directors. Appeals and/or payment of fines must be made within 30 days of notification of the infraction.

c) Non-payment of fines may result in suspension of playing privileges after 60 days until paid.

10. KEYS: All members will pay a key deposit, to be refunded when the key(s) are returned.

a) All lost keys will require a replacement fee.

b) All keys are to be returned when memberships are not renewed or shares of stock are sold.

c) Keys may not be duplicated.


a) No smoking is permitted in the Club at any time.

b) All players must observe tennis etiquette and be considerate of other players.

c) Members are responsible for the actions of their children, guests and guests' children.

d) Members will be liable for replacement cost of damages caused by them or their playing or non-playing guests, including guests' children.

e) All lights must be turned off after play or a fee will be assessed.

f) Children under 14 years of age must have continuous supervision when using the ball machine.

g) League Players (home or away) must comply with all Club rules.

h) League Players should not leave their cars in the Coop parking lot when going to an away match.

i) Tournaments organized at the Tennis Coop must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors.

j) Only tournaments organized and run as official Tennis Coop tournaments may be played at the Coop.

k) No glass or open containers are allowed on the courts.

l) No alcoholic beverages should be left overnight in common areas and are subject to removal—they may be locked in lockers.

m) Proper tennis attire is required at all times: men must always wear shirts, no black-soled, marking or outside/non-tennis shoes are allowed on the courts.

n) The bulletin board above the sign-in desk is for ‘Official Notices’ only. It is the members’ responsibility to read these notices.

o) The bulletin board in the hallway is provided for notices of upcoming events.

p) No pets are allowed in the Coop at any time.

q) All balls must be picked up including behind the curtains.

r) Members are strictly prohibited from changing the thermostat settings without approval from the Board.

s) Orientation required to use of ball machine. Users will be liable for loss or damage of remote control and for repairs resulting from misuse.

t) The lounge TV is to be turned off upon request of players on court 2.

u) The Board of Directors may make changes to the Rules of Membership and the Fee Schedule.